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Mistakes to Avoid during Article Submission

There are many reasons for why you would want to submit articles to various online directories. If you fail to submit your articles correctly, then you’re just wasting your own time. Submitting your articles to directories is a great way to attract more traffic to your site and to establish yourself as an industry expert. However, here are a few mistakes that should be avoided: 1.Never forget why you are submitting articles: Most people think that the reason behind writing the articles is the same as the reason behind promoting them. There are 3 basic benefits to article writing: promotion, branding and lead generation. However, submitting your articles to directories is only for branding purposes and to attract more visitors to your site. So, always write your articles keeping the reader in mind. Keep your articles informative and do not ever mislead readers. 2.Fail to Utilize the Opportunities for promoting your Articles: Articles generate many additional links back to your site s

Choosing the Right Name for Effective Web Site Branding

Web Site Branding is important for search engine optimization ranking. This will help in driving high quality, genuine traffic towards your web site, increasing its popularity. All this may sound simple but it is important to think of a simple yet memorable name for your web site. Your priority is to make sure that people remember your name in the market. Keeping your site's name to the point and short will aid people in remembering it better. Before buying your domain name, you should decide on the theme of your web site. Know your target market and the niche that you want to specialize in. only then decide on the URL and the design of your web site. Keyword research is another important activity for branding your web site. Decide on at least six different keywords that are related to the theme of your business. After shortlisting the best ones, try different combinations to fabricate the perfect domain name. Your name should give a clear and precise idea about what your web

What Questions to Ask your Local SEO Consultant

If you’re planning on hiring an SEO consultant to take care of your website and to improve its overall performance, then you need to ask him a few questions before you sign a contract. Some of the questions you can ask are: 1.Ask the Consultant how he goes about doing what he does: SEO is not a magic trick. It consists of a long list of techniques, of which some work better than the others. Your SEO consultant should be able to tell you what strategies he is going to use to improve your website rankings. Do this to make sure he is not using any spammy technique that could harm your business. If he doesn’t answer this question, then don’t hire him. 2.What techniques is he going to use to make you successful: Although it takes time for SEO to get into the groove, your consultant should ideally make a list of tactics that he plans on using to make you successful. 3.What sets the SEO consultant apart from the others: Ideally you shouldn’t look out for someone who claims to get you ins

Web Site Branding – Why is it so Important

Web site branding is essential for improving search engine optimization ranking. Without a strategically planned brand strategy, a company has to struggle to survive in the cut throat competition of online marketing. If your business does not have a strong online identity, it gets very difficult to establish your brand name, which in turn will harm customer relationships and loyalty. A brand typically communicates everything to the public about a company. Everything about the nature of business, products and services offered are all conveyed directly. If a brand is successful enough, it should be able to do all of this instantly. Nowadays, both consumers and business owners are taking to the Internet. This implies that companies will have to invest more into thinking how to promote their brand in a creative fashion. With the removal of geographical limits and the boom in marketing has increased the level of competition for businesses in the Internet arena. Web site branding is ext

Website Link Building If Done Right Can Give Many Advantages

Manual website link building has always given more benefits than losses to people utilizing it. In fact there is no SEO without website link building strategy and the success of a SEO campaign depends on how well you perform your link building process. Manual link building is a long process which cannot be mastered overnight and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get the hang of it. If people are blaming their site’s low ranking due to their link building, it shows their inadequate expertise in it. Link building when done right can bring a lot of benefits to the site. Today, there are so many link building service providers, most of whom don’t have a clue of the search engine guidelines. They wrongly apply some unauthorized steps, get a penalty and blame the strategy of not working. Building links from niche sites is always a challenge and getting one quality link successfully has to undergo a lot of procedures. No amateurs can successfully implement link building strate

Website Branding - Some tasks Just need to be handled by Professionals

If you want to open a small online business venture, don't be put off by the thousands of suggestions and tips. Yes! Almost every site on the Internet thinks that they have the key to success. Unfortunately, only a hand few of sources have the perfect idea on how to go about marketing and branding your company. One can't deny the fact that we all take pride in 'Do It Yourself' tasks like carpeting, typing, car repairs etc. Unfortunately, many small time business owners try to implement their unpolished skills, even on complex tasks such as website branding and development. The primary reason for this is that they are under an impression that since it’s a small scale site they can save a ton of time and money, by completing these tasks on their own. Earlier web owners would hand over their website branding concepts to professional companies, but when they would fail to get their desired, unrealistic results, within a short span of time, they would immediately back off